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The Developer Collective aims to collaborate, educate, and inspire.

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The Developer Collective was founded in September 2022 by developer Renner McCreath with one goal in mind - to help those in need.
Based in Toronto, Canada, The Developer Collective is committed to offering volunteer web development services to charities, non-profits, and organizations in need.
We believe that charities, not-for-profits, and organizations enacting fundamental change deserve just as strong a digital presence as any other corporation.


We aim to spread information. That's our ultimate goal.
Whether it's our developers working together in a team environment, our partners gaining a deeper understanding of how to leverage the power of the internet, or ultimately getting eyes on organizations spreading good around the world, The Developer Collective was created to inform.


We are here to give a digital voice to those in need.
If you're a charity, not-for-profit, or related organization looking for help - we invite you to join the Digital Collective by filling out our form here.
We are always looking for junior developers looking for volunteer projects. You may fill out an application here, and a representative from The Digital Collective will be in touch.
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